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Welcome to Physical Therapy at Our Chiropractic Clinic in Matthews, NC

When you consider physical therapy it may be in response to an injury or pain. While this is an ideal time to seek physical therapy, at Matthews Family Chiropractic, we may also use physical therapy to help you overcome spinal abnormalities, muscular imbalances or years of poor posture that may potentially lead to an injury. With physical therapy and chiropractic care our chiropractor in Matthews is able to help you avoid future injuries and recover from current injuries. Our Matthews chiropractor may use physical therapy in combination with chiropractic techniques to help you recover from a car accident injury, workplace injury, personal injury or sports injury. Whether you are dealing with a concussion, joint pain, back pain or muscle strains, our services provide a natural healing approach.

Benefits of Physical Therapy with our Chiropractor in Matthews

At Matthews Family Chiropractic we use physical therapy to heal a variety of conditions including:

  • Car accident injuries such as whiplash, shoulder pain, concussions, back pain and chest pain.
  • A workplace injury that may be the result of years of repetitive movements, overuse, heavy lifting and poor computer station arrangement.
  • Spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis which is a sideways curve of the spine.
  • Muscle strains that may occur from sports, exercise or daily life.
  • Headaches and migraines that can benefits from postural improvements.
  • Back pain and neck pain that will improve when your posture improves and your muscles are in balance.
  • A sports injury such as a concussion, back pain, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, muscle pulls and twisted ankles.
  • Personal injuries such as slip and falls, frozen shoulders, herniated discs and joint pain.

Your personalized physical therapy program aims at improving muscle balance through stretching and strengthening exercises. We gear your care program toward improving your mobility and joint range of motion. Plus, physical therapy in Matthews improves your overall fitness level. As you learn which exercises are best for your body, you are able to continue your workouts at home which can assist in weight loss, energy improvements and better sleep.

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Matthews Family Chiropractic including Dr. John Hanna and Dr. Mechelle Hanna are passionate about delivering holistic healing. We use a variety of chiropractic techniques and often pair chiropractic care with physical therapy to bring you the best of both worlds. Our chiropractors position your spine to allow healthy nerve signal flow, align your joints for freedom of movement and speak with you about proper nutrition to support health. With physical therapy, your joints and muscles are improved to decrease pain and restore mobility. Both techniques rely on your body’s strengths and encourage it to heal from within. Our wellness team is available to answer your questions and guide your family through this process. We welcome the opportunity to work with school-aged athletes, weekend warriors, fitness participants and professional athletes who are seeking physical therapy in Matthews. Please reach out to us today by calling. (704) 845-0699.

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